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BMW Z3 COUPE: Выбор Джеймса Бонда [почти]


ссылка на приложение Авто.ру: 🤍 поддержать проект: 🤍 группа вк: 🤍 канал телеграм: 🤍 инста: 🤍 #bmw#z3#coupe 🤍 🤍 🤍 музыка в группе: PVLSX - MPTY (Skykot Full Speed Mix) infected mushrooms - dracul (remix) Last Verse - UH - OH Empire of the Sun - walking on a dream (mattrixx remix) Jon Gravy - Superfly Born in ’82 - FLOW Dead Puppets (Creeping DeathMaster of Puppets - Metallica Remix) Blink - 182 - Stay Together For The Kids (Instrumental) Restless Minds - Yomoti 8-Bit Misfits - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

𝖀𝖓𝖋𝖔𝖗𝖌𝖎𝖛𝖊𝖓 | BMW Z3 Coupé [4K]


Static Z3 Coupe on BBS RS Rims Owner: Plotogea Andrei (🤍plotogeaandrei) Thanks to: Pinto Brasov {🤍 Song name: Inteus x Gali - To Hell & Back 🤍 Follow me on Facebook for more: 🤍 Follow me on my Instagram Account: 🤍 Support me on: 🤍 #E36ORDER

BMW Z3 M Coupe | Rain Drive


Featuring the BMW Z3M with its stunning Compomotive CX wheels, this beauty film showcases every curve and detail of the iconic sports car, including its sleek lines and high-performance engine. The Z3M's perfect fitment and stance on the wheels make it an absolute head-turner on the road. Whether you're a BMW enthusiast or simply appreciate a well-crafted sports car, this film is sure to leave you in awe. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the BMW Z3M in motion. Follow the car: 🤍 Media: 🤍 🤍 Music: 🤍 Follow us: 🤍 🤍

TestAuto : BMW Z3 2.8 (Coupé) - Quand James Bond a quitté son Aston Martin !


De retour pour un essai, cette fois ci, je prends le volant d'une BMW pas comme les autres, la Z3 coupé ! Produite à seulement 18 000 exemplaires, ce modèle autrefois boudé par son look est aujourd'hui très prisé, nous allons essayer de savoir pourquoi lors de son essai ! - PARTENARIAT : Je tiens à remercier CADA qui sponsorise cette vidéo ! Je vous ai négocié un CODE PROMO valable sur tout leur site internet - CADA5%BENAUTOS - donc n'hésitez pas à sauter sur l'occasion pour faire un cadeau unique pour la fête des pères ! - 🤍 - Voici la présentation du modèle que j'ai assemblé sur leur chaîne Youtube : 🤍 Pour ne rien louper, ABONNEZ VOUS, une nouvelle vidéo sort tous les Dimanches à 17h17 ! Abonnez-vous aussi à mes autres réseaux pour tout savoir en avant première ! 🤍 🤍 - MUSIQUE Générique / Outro : Musique proposée par La Musique Libre Ehrling - Lounge : 🤍 Ehrling : 🤍 - MUSIQUE Episode : Musique proposée par La Musique Libre : Leonell Cassio - Lying We're Fine (ft. Sarah Hemi) : 🤍 Leonell Cassio : 🤍 -

BMW Z3 Coupe: Maravillosamente extraño [#USPI - #POWERART] S11-E45


Busca tu Z3 Coupe en Wallapop 🤍 Cuando el ingeniero jefe de desarrollo del BMW Z3 entregó el proyecto para fabricación le quedó una espinita clavada en el fondo del alma: El coche no era tan buen deportivo como debería ser, principalmente por no contar con la adecuada rigidez estructural. Promocionado a director del departamento de vehículos especiales, comandó un experimento para ver qué ocurriría si al coche se le colocaba un techo rígido encima. El resto, como suele decirse, es historia. 0:00 Introducción 1:39 Historia 11:40 Estética 14:40 Habitáculo 15:55 Técnica pesos y medidas 16:45 Prestaciones 18:50 Dinámica 27:20 Conclusion 29:00 Entrevista 33:00 Wallapop  41:39 Cierre

BMW Concept Touring Coupé


BMW has a long-standing tradition of unveiling a concept at the annual Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance, and this year's is a head-turner. Called Concept Touring Coupé, it's a Z4-based shooting brake with a silhouette reminiscent of the "Clown Shoe" Z3 Coupe released in 1998. If the idea of a modern take on the Z3 Coupe ruffles your feather, keep in mind that 1998 was a quarter of a century ago; time flies. We've seen other Z-badged coupes since, the original Z4 was notably offered with a fixed roof, but none have featured the Z3's distinctive bread van-like silhouette. This changes at Villa d'Este: the Concept Touring Coupé looks a lot like the current-generation Z4 when viewed from the front end but it's characterized by an almost flat roof line that ends in a rear end that's nearly upright from the bumper to the belt line. The more you look at the Concept Touring Coupé, the more you notice the finer design elements. The brown paint — called Sparkling Lario — was created specifically for the coupe and features flakes of blue glass for added depth. The 20-inch front and 21-inch rear wheels were designed specifically for the long-roof Z4 as well, and the kidney grilles wear vertical slats that create a link to BMW's past models. Like the regular-production Z4 roadster, the Concept Touring Coupé offers space for two passengers. It's for weekend getaways, not to look good in the school drop-off line. The interior's basic layout comes from the Z4, but details such as leather upholstery provided by Italian furniture-maker Poltrona Frau help set the concept apart. Out back, there's a generously-sized trunk (for a coupe, at least) lined with leather and designed to hold custom-made luggage provided by Schedoni, a Modena-based brand that specializes in high-end leather goods. BMW didn't release full technical specifications; it merely noted that power comes from a straight-six engine. The six spins the rear wheels via an automatic transmission (presumably the eight-speed fitted to the standard Z4). If there's a manual on the way, it hasn't landed yet. We'll be at the 2023 edition of the Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance starting on May 19 to bring you live updates from the classic car-focused event, including photos and additional details about the Concept Touring Coupé. However, we can already tell you that the odds of seeing the design study make the transition to a production model are low. BMW stresses that the coupe "was developed for one-off production." For more visit 🤍autoblog.com #bmw #bmwcoupe #bmwtouringcoupe

The BMW Clownshoe has no equal | The Next Big Thing with Magnus Walker | Ep. 203


This week, Magnus Walker takes a trip to Beantown and visits with Rob Siegel AKA The Hack Mechanic. Both share a love for vintage cars, which is why Magnus is rather befuddled as to why Rob owns a not-quite-vintage 1999 BMW M Coupe and why it was kept instead of the 1982 Porsche 911 SC. Is the M Coupe to be dismissed as a car for clowns or is it, in fact, like nothing else on the road? (And we don’t mean in just the looks department.) Find out if Magnus continues to question Rob’s life choices or if, in fact, the Clownshoe is the Next Big Thing. Valuation Tools: 🤍 Buying & Selling: 🤍 - Episode chapters: 00:00 Introduction 00:22 The old next Big Thing BMW 3.0 CSi 01:21 What is the Clownshoe? 01:43 The Hack Mechanic 04:33 On route to the Shute 06:57 The Shute 08:11 Final thoughts Subscribe to our YouTube channel for new videos every day! 🤍 Visit our website for daily automotive news, cars stories, reviews, and opinion: 🤍 Stay up to date by signing up for our email newsletters here: 🤍 Follow us on social media: Facebook | 🤍 Instagram | 🤍 Twitter | 🤍 If you love cars, you belong with us. Hagerty Drivers Club is the world’s largest community for automotive enthusiasts. Members enjoy valuable automotive discounts, exclusive events and experiences, roadside service created specifically for collector vehicles, and a subscription to the bimonthly Hagerty Drivers Club magazine. Join Hagerty Drivers Club here: 🤍 Like what you see? Watch our other series including: Redline Rebuild | Engine Time-lapse videos from start to finish 🤍 Barn Find Hunter | Tom Cotter searches the country for abandoned cars 🤍 Chip Foose Draws a Car | Reimagining popular cars with new designs 🤍 Contact us: Suggest and feedback - tips🤍hagerty.com Press inquiries - press🤍hagerty.com Partnership requests - partnerships🤍hagerty.com #BMW #NeverStopDriving #MagnusWalker

Why I hate The Z3 Coupé...


Today I drive this very rare, manual, 2001 Z3 Coupé. I wouldn't own one, but they sure are pretty to look at... These are the main issues I have with the car. Check out our Instagram: 🤍instagram.com/gasjunkies_e30 #BMWz3Coupe #Clownshoe #CarReview #BMWz3 #BringATrailer #ClassicBMW #OldBMW #BMW

BMW Z3 Coupé: besser als der Roadster? | Jils Blechjuwelen | Garagengold


Rollender Turnschuh oder schönstes Coupé der Neuzeit? Beim BMW Z3 Coupé scheiden sich die Geister. Kein Zweifel: es ist außergewöhnlich. Aber auch besser als der Roadster? Um das zu klären, knöpft sich Jil Weber den Youngtimer vor und checkt das Fahrverhalten, die Schwachstellen und die Besonderheiten des Coupés. Das Auto wurde von Alltagsklassiker in Bonn gestellt: 🤍 Was würdet ihr lieber fahren? Das Coupé oder den Roadster? Schreibt es in die Kommentare. Abonniert den Channel außerdem gerne, um bei uns immer auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben und auf Wunsch automatisch über das nächste neue Video informiert zu werden. • Die Garagengold-Folgen in voller Länge u.v.m. gibt's Im TV: AUTO MOTOR UND SPORT CHANNEL - M7 (D, A, CH, L) - Cablecom (Schweiz) - Swisscable-Verband (Schweiz) -UPC Austria (Österreich) - Deutsche Telekom (Deutschland) - Zattoo (Schweiz) - A1 Telekom (Österreich) - Magenta (Österreich) - Swisscom (Schweiz) - 1&1 (Deutschland) - Waipu TV - Rakuten TV • VoD: - 🤍 - 🤍 - 🤍 - Samsung TV Plus - u.v.m. • App: 🤍 Weitere Neuigkeiten findet ihr auch hier: • Website: 🤍 • Facebook: 🤍



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Wäre ein Porsche nicht günstiger? - Z3 Coupé Kostenaufstellung


Ihr habt es euch ja gewünscht Kostenaufstellung meines Z3 Coupé Projekt ⤻⤻Weitere Interessante Links : ⤻⤻🤍

BMW Z3 coupé 😯: on teste le généreux 2.8L !


Voici la présentation et l'essais du BMW Z3 dans sa version coupé et équipé du 2.8L 6 cylindres de 193ch. Propulsion, moteur plus que généreux sur toute la plage, ligne reconnaissable entre toutes, cette BMW Z3 nous procure un vrai plaisir. Retrouvez notre annonce ici 👉 : 🤍bnyscar.fr Suivez nous sur les réseaux sociaux pour ne manquer aucune offre ! 📷 🤍 🌍 🤍 📧 contact🤍bnyscar.fr #bmw #bmwz3coupe #z3 #z3coupe #bmwz3

2000 BMW Z3 Coupe 3.0i - SZALONY GRUZIN o skośnych oczach... Co?!


Samochód: 2000 BMW Z3 Coupe 3.0i E36/8 Prezentowany samochód jest na sprzedaż. Kontakt: Bmwbanzai🤍gmail.com Jeśli uważasz, że Twój samochód powinien wystąpić w jednym z odcinków - napisz👍: petrolheadnumberone🤍gmail.com (zgłoszenia raczej Szczecin i okolice) FACEBOOK: 🤍 BMW Z3 - Czyli jak ciekawie przemycić BMW E36... Właściwie to połączenie E36 i E46 w jednym. Film przedstawia dużo bardziej unikatową wersję z zamkniętym nadwoziem. Trochę to coupe, trochę kombi... Do tego pochodzenie... A zresztą... Wszystkiego dowiesz się w filmie! Próba prędkości odbyła się całkowicie legalnie na niemieckiej autostradzie A11 (odcinek bez ograniczenia prędkości). 0:00 Wstęp 0:38 Prezentacja z muzyką 1:39 Wygląd zewnętrzny, design, cechy, charakterystyka 3:20 Wnętrze, środek, pozycja za kierownicą, wyposażenie 4:45 Silnik, osiągi, przyspieszenie, prędkość maksymalna 5:34 Dźwięk wydechu 6:08 Jakość, wyposażenie, materiały, spasowanie, detale oraz uwagi. Przedstawienie samochodu z bliska 12:09 Jazda próbna, wrażenia z jazdy, odczucia 14:11 Próba na autostradzie. 17:00 podsumowanie Zapraszam do śledzenia oraz subskrypcji kanału. #BMW #Z3Coupe #Autobahn 3.0 l r6 | 231 hp | 300 Nm | 250 kmh | 6.3 sec - 100 kmh

BMW Z3 Coupé: Ein Bayer aus Amiland


Beim schnittigen Z3 Coupé scheiden sich die Geister: Die einen möchten es heiraten. Für die anderen ist es ein Scheidungsgrund. Ob Kai diesem bayerischen Amerikaner einen Antrag macht, seht ihr im Video. Jetzt gebrauchten BMW Z3 finden auf AutoScout24: 🤍 AutoScout24 – weil wir Autos lieben: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #bmw #bmwZ3 #Z3Coupé

BMW Z3 Coupé:lavori finiti,ora proviamola su strada…


Benvenuti al nostro consueto appuntamento di lunedì, ospite speciale questo bellissimo esemplare di BMW Z3 Coupé. Inoltre ricordiamo a tutti che il nostro merchandising é disponibile sul nostro nuovo sito 🤍gasishop.com

BMW Z3 2.8i Coupé 1998 | Presentation | Test drive


(EN) We show you the exterior, interior and engine of our car. We also test the car and even put a microphone in the engine while driving (ES) Os enseñamos el exterior, interior y motor de nuestro coche. También probamos el coche e incluso ponemos un micrófono en el motor mientras conducimos. (FR) Nous vous montrons l'extérieur, l'intérieur et le moteur de notre voiture. Nous testons la voiture et, à la fin du vidéo, nous mettons un microphone dans le moteur pendant la conduite. Web : 🤍norclassics.com e-mail : info🤍norclassics.com Phone : (ES) +34 636 389 566 / (FR) +33 699 132 590(EN) We show you the exterior, interior and engine of our car. We also test the car and even put a microphone in the engine while driving (ES) Os enseñamos el exterior, interior y motor de nuestro coche. También probamos el coche e incluso ponemos un micrófono en el motor mientras conducimos. (FR) Nous vous montrons l'extérieur, l'intérieur et le moteur de notre voiture. Nous testons la voiture et, à la fin du vidéo, nous mettons un microphone dans le moteur pendant la conduite. Web : 🤍norclassics.com e-mail : info🤍norclassics.com Phone : (ES) +34 636 389 566 / (FR) +33 699 132 590

Mijn auto: BMW Z3 Coupé van Mark


Met de 3.0 zes-in-lijn! And welcome to our Autoblogger channel. For suggestions, ideas or business inquiries, please send an email to tips🤍autoblog.nl. You can also send us your own video's! We bring you the best reviews of the most interesting cars. Subscribe to us for the latest models and reviews! Check our Playlists: Most populair: 🤍 Babes & Cars: 🤍 Aston Martin: 🤍 Audi: 🤍 BMW M-power: 🤍 Mercedes: 🤍 Porsche: 🤍 More on: 🤍, 🤍 and 🤍

BMW Z3 Coupe Project Track Weapon


Hello Enthusiasts! Welcome to the first video on my channel focusing on my 2001 BMW Z3 3.0 Coupe track weapon project. I have just recently finished Phase 1 of my build and wanted to share this video with those who are interested or curious in the build. I will be leaving the car in its current state for the foreseeable future as I attempt to extract as much speed and driver quality as I can before continuing to improve the car by itself. Please check out the modification list below and feel free to ask any questions you may have! Modification List: - Manual Conversion - Spec 2+ Clutch & LW Flywheel - Carbon Fiber Roof (I sell them if anyone is interested) - TC Kline Double Adjustable Coilovers & Camber Plates - All Aluminum/Solid Chassis Bushings - Bimmerworld Race Control Arms (mono ball bearings) - Bimmerworld Front Chassis Brace - Achilles Motorsports Radiator/Fan - Achilles Motorsports Oil and Power Steering Cooler - GSR Oil Pump Upgrade - Oil Pan Baffle - Sparta Triton BBK - Cobalt Friction XR2 & XR3 Brake Pads - Apex Racing EC7 Forged 17x9 et31 Square - 245/40-17 Kumho Ecsta V730 - Imagine Garage 8pt. Roll Cage - Sabelt Taurus XL HANS & GT3 Seats - Sabelt 6pt. Harness & Steering Wheel

BMW Z3 Coupe - Обзор владельца - Моторы и колёса / №6


Привет! Сегодня у нас на обзоре автомобиль, в котором сочетаются слова BMW и скорость. Если вам нравятся мои видео, то вы можете подписаться на мой канал. Это маленькое действие будет способствовать развитию канала, а значит впереди вас ждёт много интересного

BMW Z3 Coupe - The Clown Shoe is No Laughing Matter


BMW Z3 Coupe, "the Clown Shoe" drifting along beautiful roads and magnificent scenery; proving that it is no laughing matter! Please like, comment, share & subscribe if you enjoy this video.

BMW Z3 Coupe 3.0i - sound warm up !



Seltenes BMW Coupé gekauft | Früher wollte ihn keiner haben! | BMW Z3 Coupe 2.8


Ich wollte schon seit über 5 Jahren ein Z3 Coupe haben und jetzt ist es endlich soweit. Ich habe ein passendes Angebot gefunden und zugeschlagen. Anfang und Mitte der 2000er standen die Coupés bei den BMW Händlern rum und waren nur schwer verkäuflich. Inzwischen sind es gefragte Youngtimer. 📸 Instagram: 🤍 Beste Kunststoffpflege: 🤍 * "Fluid Film" tolle Rostvorsorge (Hohlraum): 🤍 * "EUROLUB" tolle Rostvorsorge für den Unterboden (haftet jahrelang): 🤍 Der beste Felgenreiniger: 🤍 ​ Der beste Insektenentferner: 🤍 * Ich freue mich sehr über jeden Eurer Kommentare und ich hoffe Ihr lasst mir ein Abo da :-) ☆☆☆ Vielen Dank im Voraus :-) ☆☆☆ Wie kannst du mich unterstützen? → Technikkasse (Paypal): 🤍 → Amazon: 🤍 einfach nur diesen Link benutzen, wenn du etwas bei Amazon bestellen willst. *Wenn du über diesen Link ein Produkt kaufst, unterstützt du mich. Im Klartext bedeutet das, dass du keinen Cent mehr für dieses Produkt bezahlst und ich dafür eine kleine Provision von Amazon bekomme. Danke :-)



#bmwz3 #z3coupe #youngtimer# Una Bmw molto particolare quanto rara, la BMW Z3 COUPE 2.8 i da 193 cv , sara' una Youngtimer da investimento? non avete idea di quanto e' cresciuta la sua quotazione negli anni IN VENDITA DA: PIETRO mail: bmwz3coupe99🤍gmail.com SEGUIMI Sito Web: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 YT Channel: 🤍 La mia Attrezzatura: TELECAMERA PRINCIPALE: SAMSUNG S9 🤍 TELECAMERA SECONDARIA: GO PRO 5 BLACK: 🤍 TELECAMERA DI BACK UP: SAMSUNG A6 🤍 DRONE: HUBSAN ZINO: 🤍 TRIPOD: 🤍 Copyright brani utilizzati: Audio Library - No Copyright Music : 🤍 Free Music: 🤍

RARE BMW Z3M Coupe! #Shorts


BMW Z3 Coupe


- Jpog - Bye-Bye BMW Z3 Coupé 2.8 (eisenmann exhaust !)


Tribute to my old blue BMW Z3 Coupé 2.8 with its lovely eisenmann exhaust. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram ! 🤍 🤍 Music : CaspianRose _ Catchinyourlies (🤍 Support him !

2001 BMW Z3 Coupe - BAT


An in depth tour of my 2001 zed 3. Enjoy!

BMW Z3 Coupe - Ultimative Kaufberatung - Worauf muss ich achten? Technische Daten usw.


Ihr sucht ein BMW Z3 Coupe? In diesem Video gibt es generelle Infos und Tipps zu den Schwachstellen zusammen mit einem langjährigen Besitzer eines "ZZZ". VIN Decoder für Ausstattung: 🤍 Details 2,8: 🤍 Details 3,0: 🤍 Details Z3M: 🤍 Prospekt 2,8/M: 🤍 Meine Amazon Empfehlungen*: 🤍 Mein Merch: 🤍 Was ich benutze / empfehle:* *Auto Allgemein* Ausbauwerkzeuge für Innenraumteile: 🤍 OBD2 Adapter für Android und iOS: 🤍 Hazet Reifenfüller: 🤍 Reifendruckprüfer: 🤍 Handschuhe: 🤍 LED Arbeitsleuchte: 🤍 CTEK Ladegerät: 🤍 Rahmenlose Kennzeichenhalter: 🤍 Teleskop Radmutternschlüssel: 🤍 Steckschlüsselsatz: 🤍 *Autopflege* Bürstenüberzug für SB Waschanlagen: 🤍 Meguiar's Reifenpflege: 🤍 Dr. Wack Speed Detailer: 🤍 Felgenreiniger: 🤍 Felgenbürste: 🤍 Foam Master: 🤍 Schaumreiniger: 🤍 Nigrin Autoshampoo: 🤍 Scheibenreiniger: 🤍 Waschhandschuh: 🤍 Eimer Handwäsche: 🤍 *BMW* BMW Adapter Wagenheber: 🤍 Schwarze Spiegelkappen in M2 Optik: 🤍 M Performance Tankkappe in Carbonoptik: 🤍 Schwarze Spiegelblinker: 🤍 Schwarze Spiegelblinker Osram: 🤍 LED Projektoren BMW: 🤍 Schwarze M Logos für Kotflügel: 🤍 Außentorx: 🤍 *Video* GoPro 9 Black: 🤍 GoPro Media Mod: 🤍 DJI Mini 2: 🤍 Rode Mikro: 🤍 SYNCO Lavalier Funkmikrofon: 🤍 LED Kamera Video Licht: 🤍 *Ich bin Teilnehmer des Amazon-Partnerprogramm, mittels dessen durch die Platzierung von Partner-Links zu Amazon.de Entgelte verdient werden können. Für euch ändert sich der Preis nicht. Mein Instagram: 🤍 #bmwz3 #bmwz3coupe #bmw 0:00 Intro 0:38 Bauzeit, Anzahl, Fahrleistungen usw. 2:42 Schwachstellen Teil 1 / nervige Dinge 7:18 Infos vom Besitzer 10:36 Preise 11:38 Achtung bei Importen 12:22 Schwachstellen Teil 2 / Worauf achten beim Kauf 14:44 Fahreindrücke 18:32 Fazit 19:08 Outro (Videos, Bilder vom Z3)

🚗🚗 BMW Z3 Coupé, en 3 miNUTOS 🚗🚗


✅ Algunos datos del BMW Z3 Coupé. ✅Síguenos en instagram: Estoy en Instagram como 🤍sumeriosumerio. Instala la aplicación para seguir mis fotos y vídeos. 🤍 ✅Entra en el grupo de Facebook de Chatarrillas y chapucillas y comparte las fotos y los videos de tu coche: 🤍 #cocheclasico #motor #superdeportivo #granturismo #motorsport #cochedeportivo #ferrari #porsche #maserati #mercedes #pagani #aston Martín #gt #alpina #lamborgini

Donk Performance: Tacho gedreht - Z3 Coupé


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2001 BMW Z3 Coupe - 3.0L 6CL MT - Immaculate “Clown Shoe” - $23,000 - San Francisco Walk and Drive.


I made this video to accompany my ad which can be found here: 🤍 Have you ever driven an old 911? Not real old, just medium-old like a 993, 996, or 997? When you sat down in that bucket, did you feel badass? Like, "this is what was always meant to be, I love cars, and this is the shared baseline of all enthusiasm; it is from here that I will plug directly into the heart of sports motoring!" Then you depressed the clutch and thought, "wow, that f-er is heavy" then you excitedly turned the key (on the left side, so cool!) and heard that compact six-cylinder spring to life growling and rasping, feeling the vibrations through the back of your seat, "wow this is kinda intense," you might have thought. Now you're driving. It's a chore to get through town. The clutch hasn't gotten any lighter, it hates running at low RPMs, and the steering is heavy (depending on the generation). But when you hit the open road, you'll finally PLUG INTO THE HEART OF SPORTS MOTORING. But fuck, this thing is kinda hard to control, the weight shifts like crazy through the car with just a slight lift of the throttle, you get how that's theoretically cool, but it's mostly just terrifying here on the first go. Would you want to drive this car enough to get good at driving this car? Is it worth all the effort? Is all of this just some kind of semiotic crucible? Don't worry; you're not a blasphemer; you just need to drive a Clown Shoe. If you love driving but don't want to commit your entire identity to it, there is no better car than this, the final generation of the z3 coupe. The handling is precise and intuitive, the clutch firm but not exhausting, the shifting incredibly tactile and affirmative gear to gear. The 3L, 6Cyl M54 Engine provides power delivery that is smooth, linear, and, most importantly, easily modulated through the accelerator. It's a genuine sports car but not desperate to prove its potential at the slightest nudge. In other words, it's refined, built for an individual that loves to drive but doesn't see every moment behind the wheel as a prompt to express one's masculinity fully. I bought this car for my wife early last year. Since the 2010s, long before these were "rediscovered," back when they were still "controversial," she had been a huge fan. I wasn't exactly looking for one, but this straight-bodied beauty appeared on craigslist, and I went to check it out. It was impressively documented with absolutely destroyed paint, meticulously maintained, and tragically degraded all at once. But there was no rust, and it drove great, so I went for it. I had always been curious about having a car repainted but would never do it for strictly cosmetic reasons. This car needed it. My mechanic suggested sending it to Reno as we only get water-based paint down here, and labor is much cheaper in the arid east. So I asked around, and there was one shop on the top of Everyone's list: Final Finish in Sparks. The car came back more beautiful than I could have imagined. This was a glass-out, bumpers-off full respray. They did an incredible job; the match to the sills is perfect. It looks like factory paint. Recent work (last 20k miles 4 years) Includes: Clutch, Shift linkages, Waterpump, Belts, Struts, Rotors+Pads, and so so much more. AC works, all seat adjustments work, stereo works and was professionally modified for USB input, everything that's supposed to light up lights up, etc... its a nice car. EXTRAS: The aforementioned bible of receipts. Car has the original user manual and various warranty docs in a mint condition pleather folio. Sadly no window sticker. See photos. PARTS: The previous owner was an obsessive labeler (we all have our thing) he saved a number of small special parts as well as oem rock-chip fender protectors and all the pieces of the sunroof. See photos. UPDATE: Elder BMW expert William Watson Wallace (AKA Bill) who operates Road Rockets at Sonoma Raceway came as professional consultant to a potential buyer. He declared the car to be "a wonderful specimen" and that "if you want this car this is the one to get". It was quite validating. The potential buyer said it was "too much car" for him. SHIPPING: I have shipped many cars to many states both as a buyer and a seller. You can get basically anywhere in the us for less than $1.5k. Usually getting to a neighboring state or southern Cali is like $500. If you want a closed carrier those prices double. I’m a fan of Sonic as a broker. BIO: I’m Aaron, I operate as 🤍radreport on Instagram. And The Rad Report on Facebook. If you’d like to check bonafides please see these two articles about my previous listings: 🤍 🤍

BMW Z3 Coupe 3.0 0-130 Km/h


Das Auto ist motormäßig Serie, mittelschalldämpfer entfernt und Bastuck Endschalldämpfer. ASC ist Off, aber das merkt man ja auch an den leicht durchdrehenden Rädern. Tachoabweichung ist ca. 8 Km/h, im zweiten Tacho knapp 100 entspricht wohl echten 92 rum.

GoKart Feeling im bayrischen Klassiker | BMW Z3 Coupé


Hey Leute, Heute wird es zur Abwechslung mal bayrisch! Ein echt toller Kundenauftrag. Ich habe mich jetzt schon in den Bayer verliebt. Das Z3 Coupé ist jetzt schon ein echter Klassiker. Durch den 6 Zylinder aus den bayrischen Motorenwerken verpackt in der kleinen Karosse ähnelt das das Fahrgefühl dem eines GoKarts. Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß Euer Giu Folgt mir auf Instagram 🤍 Folgt mir auf Facebook 🤍 #FTFGarage



Zainteresowany/a jesteś moimi usługami w zakresie mechaniki, motorsportu bądź ekspertyzą przed zakupową auta? Zapraszam do kontaktu. 🤍acs-serwis.pl biuro🤍acs-serwis.pl +48 603975574 #acsdzienjakcodzien

Bajor kupék. BMW M4 Competition vs. BMW Z3 Coupé 28i (LapTiming ep. 73)


(English Subtitles Available.) 🤍 A héten egy Performance csomagos M4-es BMW lesz a vendégünk, amitől mindenki nagy eredményt vár. Ellene egy Z3-as kupé áll sorba, a 2,8-as szívó motorjával. A teljes eredménylista: 🤍

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