A tsunami happened… they all evacuated! #movie #fyp



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A tsunami happened… they all evacuated! #movie #fyp
A tsunami happened… they all evacuated! #movie #fyp
A tsunami happened… they all evacuated! #movie #fyp
A tsunami happened… they all evacuated! #movie #fyp
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Elxan Şirxanov
2023-09-29 07:23:15


Abel son
2023-09-29 07:14:58

so even in real life people's life perish like that? should be the most terrifying thing one could experience. The surfer dude running towards tsunami was hilarious though

زهران عصام
2023-09-29 06:37:52

ربنا ارحمنحنا برحمتك يا الله

Yumalidar Chandra
2023-09-29 06:35:10

Innalilahi wainnailaihirojion 😔

Call Me JM
2023-09-29 06:22:52

Legend says that the surfer broke their record in that Tsunami.

2023-09-29 05:52:22

Pov: The ants in my ant farm after nnn ends.

2023-09-29 05:43:22

What I think will happen if i bath with cold water 💀💀

Miguel Angel Perez Correa
2023-09-29 05:16:52

I never watch that movie, and for that effects I wish never watch it

Raziq Hanan
2023-09-29 03:59:02

what is this movie name

Tim DuMoulin
2023-09-29 03:56:29

Better nature than getting wiped out by pussies like Bill Gates.

2023-09-29 03:45:54

Bu bo'lmag'ur narsa 😮😮😢😮

Christina Phillips
2023-09-29 03:05:45

The Sea is unpredictable 😮

The Lord cracks your ass
2023-09-29 02:48:46

The surfer had the balls to go to teh tsunami instead of running

Regxillah Ryan
2023-09-29 02:46:14

Was waiting for someone to follow the child 🤔
I thought she was being kidnapped 🤦

2023-09-29 02:06:32


Marco Endara
2023-09-29 02:03:51

Que terrible en donde ocurrió eso?

𓅓ıllıllı فارس الحميريّ ıllıllı
2023-09-29 01:58:35

What the name movie 😢

2023-09-29 01:50:30

So ermmm what's the name?

Aminata Fofanah
2023-09-29 01:18:56

Where the hell is the camera man cuz I don’t get it.

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